Saturday's washing day

Today just a regular wash, ready for the weekend:

The Excalibur wax by Valma seems to be very solid.
After the car wash, many drops of water dripped off the hood.

In about one month from now the 100a will go to the antirust center to receive the dinitrol treatment. After this treatment I think a new Excalibur waxing would be nice.


Listed on nipponclassiccars

Yesterday evening I discovered that my 100a is also been listed on the dutch clubsite: http://www.nipponclassiccars.org This site is about classic japanese cars and their owners.

The site is maintained by Albert Dolleman from the Netherlands.

Here's the link to my car: http://www.nipponclassiccars.org/detail/autos.php?Id=185&Terug=../lijst/autos.php%23185


Today's ride

Today I took the 100a with me when I went to work. The distance is about 50 km to get there and 50 km back home.

It was some good Datsun weather today. No rain and sunny, it was about 25 degrees.

On the highway, the A28, i drove about 110 - 120 km/h.

Some guy in a Nissan Micra passed me by and put his thumb up to show he liked the sight of a nearly 30 years old car of the same brand like his car ;-)

Many times you see people smiling when they see the car driving around.

The 100a did very well and the engine was spinning like a happy satisfied cat ;-)
The engine of my Datsun really runs good and the gearbox operates smoothly.

The car needed 7,6 liters of fuel to do today's 100 km ride.

Also today the appointment was made for an anti-rust treatment with Dinitrol.
In september the 100a is going to get the complete treatment to make sure rust won't have a chance the next coming few years.

If you want to know more about Dinitrol and antirust treatment, visit http://www.antiroest.com to learn more about this car preservation.


Found some 'new' old parts

This week I received a box with some parts found on the internet.
These parts are "in stock" now , just in case they're needed.

If you are a 100a owner and you need something that you see on this page, feel free to contact me or leave a comment on this blog.

Here is a little overview of the parts which are available for a nice price:

This is a rightsided tail light for the first 100A series.
Produced from 1970 - 1971 as far as I know. This is the "small" version.

This is a complete unit complete with cableconnector.
I have only 1 unit, right side. Available for sale.

This is the fanswitch/sensor which is situated at the bottomside of the radiator in the front of the car.

I also heard that it was very common to have this switchcontacts bridged in the summertime to have a constant forced cooling on the radiator since the radiator in the 100a isn't very big equipped.

The radiatorfan is also available as spare part.
This is the original 100a radiatorfan.

As you might notice on the picture there is some dust on the radiatorfan and mounting. The fan itself is actually in excellent condition.

If you might need this part, it is available for sale.

In orde to complete the story about the coolingsystem, here is also a radiator capsule.

This part is, just like the others, available for sale if you might need it.

There also is the Datsun sign which is mounted on the front grill of the car. It just needs a little painture before getting remounted.

The flashlights are from the older series, just like the tail lamp on the picture on top of this posting. The left lamp has a little damage.
These lights also have a tranparent spot on the bottom side, on this picture. I don't know on what purpose this transparant spot was used. Maybe is was used for licenseplate luminance.

This is the flashlight used on the "later" types, the second generation of the 100a, starting off 1972 and later.

These lamps do not have the transparent spot as shown on the older serie.

This is the same type light which is also mounted on my own 100a from 1976.

Then we have the two emblems which were mounted on the rear sides of the car.

On the first series these were used later replaced by the ventilation gratings.

The later used ventilation covers looked like this:


Did a little repair

The car had a very old lightbrown carcarpet on the inside. Today this is changed into a nice black car carpet. This gives a much better look on the interieur of the car. So, in my opinion, a nice improvement on the 100a was made with this new carpet.

The 100a also suffered from a little oil leakage. This was caused by a leaking oil pressureswitch.
This switch sends the signal to the oilpressure control lamp in the dashboard.

This switch is situated beneath the oilfilter and was easy to replace. Thanks to Nissan Dealer Manenschijn from Daarle, The Netherlands, ( http://www.manenschijn.nl ) I was able to get a brand new switch and fix the oil leakage with this part.

The partnumber of the switch is: 25240-89902 and is available as new part.
On the picture you'll see the new switch mounted on on the bracket right under the oil filter.

The leakage of a few little oildrops is now history and this is nice knowledge for me ;-)


Datsun 100A - Intro

This blog is about the Datsun 100A.

Meaning of this blog is to provide people who like the car with information and technical details.

Also share knowledge and specific details on this pretty vehicle.

You might also read about my experiences with my own 100A.

I do know that there are already some sites about this car out there, but I just could not resist to create and maintain my own site about this lovely lady, the Datsun Cherry 100A ;-)

Feel free to leave your comments and reactions about this site.