Haynes Manual for Datsun 100A

I was surfing around the web an noticed a Haynes manual for sale.
I made a ridiculous offer and guess what: they agreed !

So today the postman arrived with this highly detailed book with lots of information about the engine, gearbox and electrical schematics about the 100A.
The book does not have much information about the body, it handles mostly the technics of engine and gearbox.

However, a nice to have in combination with the other books i got before ;-)

Not much has been posted in the past time. That is because of holidays and other things.
2 weeks ago my wife and I have been driving around some on a sundayafternoon while the weather was great. We drove along the small roads in the neighbourhood around here.

The next upcoming event is the yearly Nippon Classic cars ride on the 17th of september.

We hope to join the ride this time.

I also was attended on the new website of anothe NCC member, Roy van O, who actually has recovered a Datsun 1200 almost from scratch !You should visit his site to lookup the results:


See you at the fallride on 17 september.