Nippon Classic Cars: Fall Ride 2006

Today the Fall ride 2006 took place, starting off in Veenendaal at restaurant "Goudreinet"

We were present today with our 100A. Many people shared us by joining the fall ride. Maybe this was because it was on Sunday instead of saturday.

Lots of japanese cars were present, Datsun, Mazda, Toyota and even Honda.

The car right to our 100A is a Datsun 1400
A real rare appearance on the Dutch roads !

This car got it's license plate on 17 june 1971 according to the dutch RDW website.
(http://www.rdw.nl) In fact we are talking about a car which is 35 years old as we write !!
This car is really in good shape.... keep it rolling!

Another red 100A was also present today. Nice to have a little talk with the owner of this car.
He uses the car frequently but just in the neighbourhood just like our own blue 100A.

Also Roy van O. was present with his 'new-born' Datsun1200. In a previous post I told you about his own website, really worth a visit to see the restore project of his beautifull car;
http://members.home.nl/ervano You can see how this car has been rebuilt off-scratch...

As you can see for yourself Roy's cars really looks like it just came off the Datsun factory :-)
This car may be considered new since he restored almost every single part of the car.
For reading more about this nice Dat1200, please visit his personal website.

Mr. J. Manenschijn (www.datsun.nl) was also present today with a nice Datsun 280 Z sportswagon. I really needed to get a picture of its engine, the 6 cylinder in-line beast...

If you are curious how such a powerfull engine may sound, please try this link:


Nice ;-)

As said, also a Mazda 818 coupe joined us today. This is a real rare appearance nowadays

In the early 80's this was a well known car in the Netherlands.

I think it will be really hard to look after parts for this car if you need them.

The owner replaced the brakediscs and got those from Germany he told me. Still it stays a nice car !

Two other Mazda's were present today. Also a Mazda 616 and a genuine MX-2 with rotation engine was present at this days meeting.

First. let us have a look at the interior and front of this nice Mazda 818 Coupe

Notice the TEMP and FUEL meters in the middle of the console. It really looks like a very comfortable car to me. This car is actually very rare on the Dutch roads. It's owner told me he had never seen another car like this in real life nowadays, as we write 2006.

Also a very rare Toyota Landcruiser participated today, a nice 6-cylinder !

We should not forget to mention the two Datsun Laurels which are present almost every time:

During the nice ride, provided by Albert Dolleman (www.nipponclassiccars.org) we drove through the woods of Oosterbeek (Grebbeberg)

Since there also was a 'veterans' day we passed a lot of old army wheels. On the right an old authentic army ambulance passed us on the other side of the road.

Driving through Oosterbeek (near Arnhem) there was a big sign, saying welcome to the worldwar II veterans.

After passing the veterans village we had a small stop. On the parking where we stopped, I took the occasion to make a picture of the other two Mazda's joining our ride. On the left the MX-2 and on the right the Mazda 616 model.

One more picture containing the interieur of the Mazda 616

After this break we continued driving through the woods, driving behind a Laurel.

The photo really shows some motion but in real the speed wasn't that much.

We were driving between 60 and 70 km/h on these roads.

Our 100A was driving very smoothly during this ride.

Just enjoying the ride :-)

After driving this nice road I managed to take a picture in the left mirror to see the other cars lined up in a que behind our 100A

This picture shows what you would see in the mirror mounted on the door, seated behind the wheel.

There were only two Datsun Laurels in front of us, behind our 100A you'll see the other participating cars, doing todays ride.

The picture on the right shows the return to restaurant The Goudreinet about 15.30 hrs in the afternoon.

We parked next to Albert Dolleman with his nice green Datsun 1200.

Just one more overview picture to close this post. You also may notice the blue Datsun Sunny, on the right next to the red 100A.

Mostly Left our 100A is also present omn this picture.

We can look back to a nice day, meeting other Datsun enthousiasts, thanks to Albert Dolleman, maintainer of http://www.nipponclassiccares.org

Thank you Albert for the organisation !!

We're pretty sure that our 100A liked todays ride. Just have a look upon the exhaust pipe, looking nice grey all over the place ;-)

See you next time on Nippon Classiccars Spring Ride !!
Nice to have joined Fall 2006 ride.