Today's ride

Today I took the 100a with me when I went to work. The distance is about 50 km to get there and 50 km back home.

It was some good Datsun weather today. No rain and sunny, it was about 25 degrees.

On the highway, the A28, i drove about 110 - 120 km/h.

Some guy in a Nissan Micra passed me by and put his thumb up to show he liked the sight of a nearly 30 years old car of the same brand like his car ;-)

Many times you see people smiling when they see the car driving around.

The 100a did very well and the engine was spinning like a happy satisfied cat ;-)
The engine of my Datsun really runs good and the gearbox operates smoothly.

The car needed 7,6 liters of fuel to do today's 100 km ride.

Also today the appointment was made for an anti-rust treatment with Dinitrol.
In september the 100a is going to get the complete treatment to make sure rust won't have a chance the next coming few years.

If you want to know more about Dinitrol and antirust treatment, visit http://www.antiroest.com to learn more about this car preservation.