First serious spring ride 2007

Hi there!

It has been quite a while since this blog has been updated, the good news is that my 100A is still alive as we write the 1st of April 2007.

Today was a nice day whith sunny weather, so we got the car out of the shed today.

We did a little tour in the neigbourhood here. A trip which took about a 50 kilometers.

Once out of the shed and slowly getting the engine on temperature we got on the small roads

If you think that this is a small road, then be warned, things can even get worse ;-)

With a little rest in between, looking at other oldtimers and lot's of motorbikes out there.

The next upcoming event is the Springride 2007 of nipponclassiccars from the Netherlands.

For more information on this event, please visit: http://www.nipponclassiccars.org

Before this takes place the 100A needs some polish an waxing with the famous turtle wax.

Until next!