Missed the NipponClassicCars spring ride

Due to the circumstances I wasn't able to join the yearly spring ride.
The past week it has been very nice weather over here in the Netherlands, so today I had a ride through the landscape of the Veluwe.

You could see many yellow dandelions in the pastures, nice to see.

We have been driving the 'little roads' to enjoy the springtime. It's really amazing to notice how everything is turning green within a timeframe from about 2 weeks !!

The picture on the right is taken from behind the wheel to have an impression how it looks like on the 7th of may 2006.

These roads are situated behind the little village Heerde, a small place in my neighboorhood.

We have visited the place where a small ferry passes the river "IJssel" to sit at the waterside for a little while.

After these small roads we got in to the woods to driveby the deerpark in Epe. This was meant as a kind of driveby photo but it went not really the way I would like... so enjoy the tree tops...

This was a little impression of our today's ride. I hope there will be an opportunity to take the car with me to my work the upcoming week, that is, if the weather stays nice.

The upcoming yearly APK examination is coming soon. at the 7th of june the Datsun will be examinated by Datsun specialist Jan Manenschijn. http://www.manenschijn.nl/
I would be surprised if the car would not pass, it really looks like new ;-)

Just one more picture to close this topic: