Next planned maintenance

It has quite been a while since this blog was updated.

The next planned maintenance for my 100a is the replacement of the radiator long which goes from the temperaturesensor towards the radiator.

This top hose is covered with canvas, which is actually getting a little loose.
That doesn't mean that the hose will tear, but as a matter of fact I would like to do this kind of maintenance in avance before it might tear during a ride.

The right picture shows the current situation:

As you can see the top hose isn't really that reliable anymore so it would be safe to fix this.
In order to do so, again Nissan dealer Manenschijn from Daarle was able to help me out by supplying the proper hose.

For those who might be interested, here is the official Nissan part number: B1501-M0206

I am very happy to have the genuine part in posession so that everything still stays original.

I don't know when this replacement is actually to be performed. Maybe it will be delayed to the spring of 2006 or I will replace the hose before the end of 2005. We'll see ;-)

That's all for now.... more to come later