Did a little repair

The car had a very old lightbrown carcarpet on the inside. Today this is changed into a nice black car carpet. This gives a much better look on the interieur of the car. So, in my opinion, a nice improvement on the 100a was made with this new carpet.

The 100a also suffered from a little oil leakage. This was caused by a leaking oil pressureswitch.
This switch sends the signal to the oilpressure control lamp in the dashboard.

This switch is situated beneath the oilfilter and was easy to replace. Thanks to Nissan Dealer Manenschijn from Daarle, The Netherlands, ( http://www.manenschijn.nl ) I was able to get a brand new switch and fix the oil leakage with this part.

The partnumber of the switch is: 25240-89902 and is available as new part.
On the picture you'll see the new switch mounted on on the bracket right under the oil filter.

The leakage of a few little oildrops is now history and this is nice knowledge for me ;-)