New book about Datsun Cherry

Today I received a book about the 100A.
I bought the book from the internet. It is written in Dutch, called: "Datsun Cherry - Leer 'm kennen" which actually means: Datsun Cherry - Get to know him

The book is written in kinda Mickey Mouse language so that even a 12 year old boy would understand how the car is maintained and build together.

A real nice-to-have item and handy when small repairs have to be done.

I also have the "Vraagbaak" and some ANWB book about the car. I guess enough documentation is available now.

If you need some specific technical info don't hasitate and just mail or post your question on this blog.

Greetz !


Anonymous Anoniem said...

Altijd handig zón technisch handboek. Ik heb de blauwe 100A wel gemist bij de voorjaarstocht hoor! "The Banana" ;-)

7:58 p.m.  

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