The final curtain - Datsun Sold

The 100A has been sold to a new owner after 4 years of enjoyment.
This is the end of this blog, no posts will follow.

Thank you for reading the blog.


our 100A as marriage car

At the 28th of september 2007 Alisa and I married, the blue 100A was our marriage vehicle that day. That was because we both wanted the Datsun to be our marriage car. Please have a look at the pictures, they're taken on the 28th of september.



Passed the annual APK test again !

Today I went to Nissan dealer Manenschijn (http://www.datsun.nl) for the annual APK test.
This is something similar to the English MOT test.

It was a sunny day and made it a nice drive through to the woods behind Ommen in the direction Daarle.

At about 09.30 I arrived at Nissan Manenschijn at Daarle.

Mr. G.J. Manenschijn started off with the checks needed for the APK.

We also did an oil and oilfilter renewal and also renewed the brakepads of the front wheels.

This wasn't actually nessesary for the APK, but since these pads weren't that much no more, I requested for a change, just to make sure.

In the meanwhile,
while G.J. Manenschijn was busy doing the maintenance, I was allowed to have a look in the Datsun Museum that Jan Manenschijn maintains in their other companybuilding, on the other side of the Wierdenseweg, see the picture below;

  • Wierdenseweg, Daarle

Inside this building, whilst accessing the first floor, it seems that time has stood still for a while.
Here you can admire the Datsun cars from the seventies and even some sixties !

Jan Manenschijn allowed me to show off some pics on this page to you from what's inside their personal Datsun museum. For more information about the cars you should contact Nissan Manenschijn.

  • Here are a few pictures, just to have a little impression;

This is just a small impression of all the cars which are in the museum. I also took pictures from the interieurs of some cars which will follow later into another post of this blog.

My own 100A is ready for another year of pleasure I hope, anyway, momentarily the car runs great !
More information upon Nissan Dealer Manenschijn:
Nissan Manenschijn
Wierdenseweg 11
7688 PK Daarle
See you at the next update.
Kind regards,



Nippon Classic Cars: Spring Ride 2007

Saturday the 5th, the car was washed en waxed for the summer ;-)
In the evening got the fueltank filled up for the NipponClassicCars meeting.

Today, sunday the 6th of may 1007 the anual spring ride took place.
This time we did not join the ride itself, but we were present at the meeting behind restaurant "De Goudreinet" in Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

Today 19 members had signed up to come over. Not everyone was there, but still there was a nice amount of people who actually showed up this time. Let's have a look at today's cars;

This picture was taken directly when we arrived, around 11:15 o'clock in the morning after a one hours drive towards Veenendaal.

Here are a view frontal pictures of the cars who participated today;

We also admired the beautifull 6-cylinder engine of Iwan Vlaar's Datsun 280 station, also known as Cedric in Japan, see this piece of art:

Here's also the inside of that C280:

Also today, finally I got a view at Wout van Aken's beautifull yellow 100A, the true datsun yellow color...

Also check out it's spotless interior, nice car!!

We also could get a picture of the engine of this red 120Y sedan, here's the car itself;

And here you can see its, how should I say...
"bling-bling" engine ;-) (please don't be offended)

At about 12:00 o'clock the springride started off so everybody got into their cars an left off.

We had a cup of coffee and spoke to another Datsun 100A owner, and his friend and son. Nice contact was made today with this peoples. We'll meet again later this year.

Then the drive back home started off, driving off the A12 towards Arnhem to get on the A50 direction Zwolle. Here's an impression of the driving;

And then, after returning home, the following question: How's the exhaust doing ? Is it grey ?
See for yourself:
Seems pretty clear to me ;-))
See you around next time.



First serious spring ride 2007

Hi there!

It has been quite a while since this blog has been updated, the good news is that my 100A is still alive as we write the 1st of April 2007.

Today was a nice day whith sunny weather, so we got the car out of the shed today.

We did a little tour in the neigbourhood here. A trip which took about a 50 kilometers.

Once out of the shed and slowly getting the engine on temperature we got on the small roads

If you think that this is a small road, then be warned, things can even get worse ;-)

With a little rest in between, looking at other oldtimers and lot's of motorbikes out there.

The next upcoming event is the Springride 2007 of nipponclassiccars from the Netherlands.

For more information on this event, please visit: http://www.nipponclassiccars.org

Before this takes place the 100A needs some polish an waxing with the famous turtle wax.

Until next!