Passed the yearly APK test !!

This weeks wednesday I was at Nissan dealer Manenschijn (http://www.datsun.nl) for the yearly APK checkup/test. I was very happy the car past through after a small repair which was neccesary. Only one rubber cover, from the steeringmount at the left frontwheel, needed to be replaced since it was torn open a little.

This was fixed by the real 100a guru, G.J. Manenschijn ;-)

We're happy to know the car is actually very solid and in excellent condition.

Another year to come, hopefully with lots of driving pleasure and fun.

This picture is taken after returning home. The 100A runs smoothly and got a nice grey coloured exhaust inside after this ride to Daarle.

Anyway, happy with the results of this day.

Unfortunatly I forgot my camera, while all those beautifull classic Datsun cars were out there in Manenschijn's private museum showroom. Next time I won't forget !

More posts will follow in short term.
Keep on checking this blog.

L8rz !