Spare engine found !

Whilst surfing the net looking for Datsun parts which were offered I noticed a 100A engine which was offered. It is the same engine which is fitted in my 100A.

I mailed with the person who offered the engine. He said the engine had been placed in the garagebox for more then 20 years. Relatives of him replaced the engine because of a smarting sound in the engine.

After the swap with another engine the smarting sound still was present ?!?
It seemed to be the dynamo so that in fact this engine would still be OK.
I could buy this peace of Datsun engine including gearbox for a few euros.
Thanks to the seller I have a spare engine "in stock" now. I had to look sweet to my wife Alisa first before I could get this 30 year old piece of technique ;-) into our shed at home...

Next thing to be done is to get my shed cleared.
I'm goin to create a workbench and the engine will get a place below the bench.

Still missing parts are the ignition rotor and contacthammer or breakerswitch and the ignitioncap.

Also missing are the clutching parts. Gearbox and differential are still present.

This engine will be receiving a cleaning-up later.

On the right pic you can see the hole in which the
clutching parts normally are situated.