The yearly aftersummer / fall ride

Today the yearly aftersummer / fall Datsun ride took place.

This event was organized by mr. Albert Dolleman, he is webmaster of: http://www.nipponclassiccars.org

The event started off about 11.00 AM at restaurant "Goudreinet" in Veenendaal.
This was the place where the participants gathered together to take off about 12.00

We arrived in Veenendaal at about 11.40 AM.

At the rear of the restaurant was a parkingspace which offered a nice space top make a line up with the other Datsun participants

Beside my 100a you can see a Datsun Cedric 260 and a Datsun 1200 Coupe, bothed owned by Albert and his wife, the organizers of the ride.

Beside the 1200 another 100a, from a Belgian participant, actually a member of the Belgian Nissan friends club. Have a look at their site on: http://www.datsunvriendenbelgie.com/

Also several Datsun Laurel models were participating in todays tour. A nice sound to hear when those 6-cylinder in-line engines are running.

Another participant was this nice Datsun 120Y coupe, als titled as "The Banana" by its owner.

This is a real nice looking car which also actually is in a good shape and condition.

This car is not used for daily rides.
Just like my own 100a it only comes out for funrides and events like this one today.

The 120Y is not very much spotted on the Netherlands roads anymore.
This car is in good shape.

On the right you see the same car from the backside. It really looks sporty.

Beside this car there were also a few 100A - FII types riding the tour.

These types came after the 100A series.
There were even FII models with a semi-automatic gearbox, shifting without using clutch.

On the below picture you can see one of the 100aFII cars which joined the ride

Another 100a FII drove behind us during the ride.

My son managed to make a picture from the rear seat so you can see the other 100a FII in motion:

The man driving this car also owned a Panhardt.
That is a car from the 50's. He showed me some pics of his other car which actually looked very nice.

On the below picture an impression of the cars joining the fall ride

It was a nice ride, though the weather was changing a lot. Mostly we had dry and sunny weather but sometimes real big raindrops came down.

Since the elements cannot be reserved whe had to do with the weather as it was.

In front of us the orange Datsun 1200 coupe. In front of them the Belgian 100a.

In front of them a 100a FII model.

On the right you have a look in my left mirror.
Here we were waiting for the other cars to gather together, in order to continue the ride.

This pictures were taken in the nice surrounding of the little roads in the neighbourhood of Veenendaal, the Netherlands.

After driving around there was a little stop, for the sanitary and have a drink.

This was after our visit to the village center of Zeist.
Here you can see the both 100A's, joining today's ride.

The Belgian participant came from the neigbourhood of Antwerpen - Hasselt so he actually had a long ride today with his to daughters in the back seat.

He noticed a little noise in his engine and wasn't sure what was causing this noise.
It occured only at lower rpms, above 2000 rpm it was gone...

At about 16:30 the ride was finished and we went back home with the 100a on the A12 highway.

It was no problem at all to do 120 km/h constantly with myself and my three kids in the car.

As always the engine runned very well and the car had no problems to do today's ride.

After today's trip the car received a washing and got back into its garage.

Today was a nice day, nice to meet other Datsun minded people and see their cars and discuss.

We've had a good time and we'll be back on the next upcoming spring ride in 2006.
Special thanks to Albert Dolleman for organising this day.

Nice to have been talking to Ivan Vlaar, visit his own website about Datsun cars at: http://home.wanadoo.nl/i.y.vlaar/index.htm

Thats all for now.
Feel free to leave your comments.

Next week the 100A will get a Dinitrol treatment. Check out this blog later !


Anonymous Anoniem said...

Leuk verslag van de meeting gisteren. Verder ook een mooie site!

Gegroet, "De Banaan" ;-)

9:42 p.m.  
Anonymous Anoniem said...

Great site! I am from the UK, and have athing too for the 100A. I currently have a '73 120A coupe and a '75 100A wagon......

I am trigger happy when it comes to cars, please feel free to have alook at my site. http://www.reallyloud.co.uk.

All the best!


11:12 p.m.  

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