Dinitrol treatment done !

September 2005 has almost passed by, the fall is approaching with faster steps everyday.

Wednesday the 28th the 100a returned from Gosliga's at Leeuwarden. All the best comes from Leeuwarden I guess, I was born there in '67 ;-)

The car has stayed over for exactly 1 week where it received its well deserved Dinitrol treatment. Now the car is protected from rust and corrosion for the next few years.

Piet Kruisinga from Gosliga (http://www.antiroest.com) said the 100a was in excellent condition. He and his personel did a very good Dinitrol job to the car.

My Datsun received also a Dinitrol treatment in 1976 when it was sold as a new car to its first owner. I know that a Dinitrol treatment is not called cheap, but right now, anno 2005, absolute proof has been made that the treatment in 1976 has done its conservation job pretty good.

So, I'm gratefull the first owner of the 100a was convinced that the car needed this treat.
Dinitrol treatment should be maintained after several years. Since the Datsun is about 30 years old and in absolute topcondition I decided to spend money on this kind of maintenance.

This is how the car looks from below right now:

On the left you see the subframe, right the rear arm on the right side of the car. Both carrying the nice lightbrown colour, protected by Dinitrol.

Knowing about the fact the fueltanks of Datsun cherry series wasn't always that solid, often caused by rust, I'm happy with the knowledge that Dinitrol is present on this fueltank.

This one won't cause problems the coming years.

After the treatment the car was cleaned well and also got a solidwax treatment.

At this moment I'm doubting to do some Excalibur wax treat, but that also might wait.

So far about the Dinitrol treatment. I'm happy to know that my 100a is in good condition and can be on the Dutch roads for some more years from now ;-)

Feel free to leave any of your comments.

Keep on checking this log for further updates and information on the Datsun 100a and other Datsun vehicles.

Cu laterz


Anonymous FICHET GĂ©rard said...

Hello, I am living in Belgium. I have been the owner of a DATSUN 100A in the seventies. I am looking for a reproduction (1/43) of this car to complete my collection of the cars I have alredy used.
Do you know if this object exist. If YES wher I can buy this one.
Best regards.

12:37 p.m.  

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